I’m Sebastian Langer, a creative designer from Copenhagen. I work within the fields of Art Direction and Industrial DesignI recently graduated as a Bachelor in Design & Business. Here I worked together with Nationalmuseet on a concept, that will enable them to reach new audiences. 

First of all this is my portfolio. I’m currently looking for a job, so it is also for you to find my contact information, so that we very soon can work together. Contact details are further down.   

Spring semester 2017 I did an internship at MediaLAB in Amsterdam. My tasks were art direction, project management, concept developing and graphic design. I worked together with a team of 5 with a daily updated SCRUM-board. Read more on our blog here Blog 

I work with trends and strive to improve concepts. Through research and a very intuitive approach, I compose visually communicative and tactile experiences.





Ailo → Industrial Design
THE VIT → Art Direction
Data Visualization → Art Direction
Critical Prototyping → Industrial Design
Edible Insects → Art Direction and Product Design
Nordvision → Visual Identity
Statens Museum For Kunst → Art Direction and Design





KLM, IrmaNordvisionZoo CopenhagenNormann CopenhagenStatens Museum for KunstNordic Startup Awards, Fritidsguiderne KBH.




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