I’m Sebastian Langer, a creative designer from Copenhagen. First of all this is my portfolio. Secondly it is also for you to find my contact information, so we can work together. At the moment I am experimenting with critical designing and how it can impact the way we look at design and products.

Spring semester 2017 I did an internship at MediaLAB in Amsterdam. Read more on our blog here Blog

In January 2018 I will graduate with my BA in Entrepreneurship, Design & Business in Copenhagen. 

I do “human centered design”. It is important to include your target group througout the design process. I work with trends and thrive to improve concepts. Through analytic research and a very intuitive approach I compose experiences. Therefore design thinking is an important method for my work.





Ailo → Flexible Workspace

THE VIT → Research Method

Data Visualization → Workshop

Critical Prototyping → Exhibition

Prototyping → Method

Edible Insects → Thesis and Product Design

Nordvision → Visual Identity

Out-Growers → Visual Identity

Statens Museum For Kunst → Interactive Design





KLM, IrmaNordvisionZoo CopenhagenNormann CopenhagenStatens Museum for KunstNordic Startup Awards, Fritidsguiderne KBH.



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